Super Awesome Remote Control Batman Tumbler

You guys have got to check out this badass remote control Batman Tumbler from Soap Studio. This might just be the raddest Tumbler product that I’ve seen since Christopher Nolan started his Dark Knight trilogy. Seriously, just wait and see what it it can do. Here’s a description:

Our Tumbler is fully controlled by the most advanced mobile app which capable to not only making the car run but also cockpit and spoiler movements, 16 super bright LEDs, Power-Jet mode plus special engine sound and visual effects, night vision camera for video and photo shooting,voice intercom, a 1:12 Batman which features 26 points of articulations, remote control LED display platform…etc. As a collective item or simply a playing toy,the Tumbler also reaches the highest degree of product furnishing.

It also comes with a 6-inch fully articulated action figure Batman figure, which is modeled after the suit from Batman Begins. It also includes an alternate head and chest piece that represents Bruce Wayne’s first masked appearance as the Dark Knight in the movie. It also comes with multiple heads, hands, capes, and accessories. 

The Tumbler also comes with a giant base styled as a Gotham city street, complete with LEDs to light up Batman and the Tumbler when they're on display. If you’re interested in buying one, it’s available now from Soap Studio's website for a HK$4,980, or US$642. Seems like it's worth it!