Super Detailed and Huge LEGO Diorama of The STAR WARS Death Star Trench Run Stays on Target

You’ve got to see this incredible Star Wars LEGO diorama of the Death Star trench run from A New Hope. This thing was created by South Korean LEGO certified professional Wani Kim and his team.

I might not get a sense of how big it is in these photos, but it’s 8.79 ft. long by 4.49 ft. deep and stands 3.60 ft. tall. That’s pretty freakin’ big! The detail that they put into this thing is super awesome. It even includes explosions and sparks coming out of Luke’s X-Wing and a Y-Wing. It also features Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced along with a pair of TIE Fighters.

This LEGO build consists of around 80,000 LEGO elements and is even populated with 100 minifigures. Most of those Minifigs are in the back, where you can see the interior of the Death Star! It comes complete with tractor beam controls, Vader’s chamber, detention cells, a locker room and more.

Oh yeah, the whole think also lights up and has lighting effects. This thing is awesome!

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