SUPER MECHA CHAMPIONS Gets a New Character, Mecha, and More

A new update has been released for Super Mecha Champions and with it have come quite a few goodies. First, Drill Sergeant Veta is a new playable character and she brings with her a new mecha named Hurricane. Next, the Pulse Rifle is a new weapon that fires three-round bursts of electromagnetic ammo. Third, Team Deathmatch is now a 5 vs 5 fight with the goal being 50 points. In addition, the base shield has been reduced in Team Deathmatch and you cannot score appoint for breaking a player’s shield. Also, there is a “back to base” option available in Team Deathmatch, but if used, it will give a point to your opponent. Finally, Port and Alpha Tower have had two new spawn points added.

In addition to these changes to the game, NetEase Games has released a new trailer for the narrative behind Super Mecha Champions. You can see that trailer and a video showing off the new Hurricane mecha below. Super Mecha Champions is available on Android and iOS now.

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