Superb Collection of Poster Art by Vincent Aseo

Earlier this week I went on a little rant about how the closer a movie gets to its release date, the lamer the posters get. They literally take the same images and just lazily jumble them up. There’s a good reason why I’m so irked by that. There are so many talented artists out there that can make compelling posters for movies. You don’t even have to look that hard to find it — just look at the stuff Mondo is doing. I know photoshopped ads have their place and are certainly a cheaper route, but if studios want the next Drew Struzan to emerge, they have to actually start reaching out to artists.

Here’s a collection of movie and television posters by Vincent Rhafael Aseo that proves my point. These are all original, wall worthy designs. Aseo’s use of texture isn’t fully formed yet, but his composition and color work are seriously on point.

To see the rest of the collection, click here.

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