Supercut of Disney Villains Falling to Their Demise

I'm sure that after years of watching Disney animated movies you have noticed that the studio seems to find joy in letting their villains fall to their demise. Sometimes they died, sometimes they didn't, it's just the family friendly way of taking out the villains. 

YouTube user ChiefBrodyRules created a supercut that features several of these villains falling, and here's an explanation of the video from the creator:

This is a compilation of all the falls from Walt Disney's Animation Studios. I didn't include clips from Pixar or their other companies. Just the main movies. I've always wanted to make this. I hope you enjoy!

I tried to stick with the falls. Not so much being sucked down (Jafar, Horned King). Big Hero 6 doesn't really count because he was instantly caught (believe me, I thought about it. The fall has to have a landing.). Yzma counts because it's a parody of villain falls. This video was made for fun. Enjoy! :)

The qualifications: 
1.) The act of falling. 
2.) They have to land the fall. (not be caught or saved)
3.) The falls used are at the point of the movie where the villain is "defeated" or looses.
4.) This not a video of every literal fall. It's to point out on how most Disney villains fall when they are "defeated". 
5.)The Yzma fall parodies this so I counted it.

After you watch the video, let us know what your favorite Disney fall is.

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