Supercut of Wes Anderson's Use of Red & Yellow on Film

I always appreciate anything that can get me to look at film from a fresh perspective. For example, I just heard a theory the other day that says that Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jack Dawson from Titanic is a time traveler sent from the future to save Rose's life in a Terminator-type of situation. The apparent reasoning for this was that people figured out that some of the styles of clothes Jack wears weren't popularized or invented until years after the Titanic sank, and he mentioned a lake to Rose that was man-made and wouldn't be created until years after the ship went down. There were some other little things like that, too (I think they said he had no currency at the beginning of the movie, though if that was the case, what did he use to bet in that card game where he and Fabrizio won the tickets?). Do I believe any of that? Absolutely not. I don't think James Cameron gave a crap about when exactly DiCaprio's clothes were created - I think he was concentrating more on the story and the characters and didn't expect anyone to call him out on such tiny details. But the concept is sort of fascinating, and the next time I'm channel surfing and stumble across Titanic, I'll look at the movie in a new way.

That's a long-winded way of saying that this new supercut from Rishi Kaneria will now make me look a little closer at the films of Wes Anderson. It highlights his use of the colors red and yellow in the movie's he's made so far, and it's kind of cool to watch a split-screen dissection of those colors pulled out of context from the movies because it just goes to show that Anderson creates such mesmerizing worlds that we often don't even notice just how much of the same colors are being used - we're too busy being pulled into what's going on with his characters and the colors are almost subliminal at times. Check it out below.

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