SUPERGIRL Could Be on The CW for Season 2 With a Lower Budget

With two weeks to go before CBS announces its fall schedule, we still have yet to learn the fate of Supergirl. The Wrap has the scoop that the reason for the delay is the initially high viewership of 13 million falling to about half that for the season finale, and the show's enormous budget. At $3 million an episode, it's hard to justify that cash on an audience of just over 7 million, but CBS wants to the show to continue as it is successful.

An interesting proposition has been to move the show to The CW's lineup, but Warner would like the show's budget to be lessened before committing. Who knows if that will dissuade fans of the series, who are used to a much higher production value than Flash or Arrow. This would definitely be difficult as Supergirl kind of needs those effects to look... super!

I know a lot of people want to see a second season of the show, but would it be worth it if it's a shell of its former self? Is the story strong enough to survive a budget decrease? What's your take?

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