SUPERGIRL Trailer Recut Without All the Bubbly Nonsense

Video editor Tim Gonzales sent us a recut of the Supergirl trailer that CBS released. His goal was to make it look like a more appealing show without all of the bubbliness that a lot of people seemed to hate about it. Here's a note from the creator:

"Alternate trailer I cut together for the CBS Supergirl show. My intent was to edit the original footage into a traditional trailer to make it seem less bubbly (not sure if that's the right word) and more epic/riveting in tone. Hope you enjoy and thanks for your time!"

I think he did a pretty solid job. Had the network released a trailer that looked more like this, I think fans would have been a little bit more open to what's coming. In the end though, everyone knows what this series entails now, and a big chunk of the hardcore fanbase of shows such as Arrow and The Flash seem to have already written it off. 

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