Superheroes Get Rockstar Makeovers

Everyone has a secret made up rockstar identity in their head, right? If you could play the actual guitar, not just air guitar, you know the name of your band, how you’d dress, the kind of music you’d play, which supermodels you’d date, etc. When I was seven, my fictional rockstar persona was lead singer of Emily and the Star Beamers. That has changed in the interceding years, but it’s still fun to think about when you are bored and stuck in line at the DMV. 

It’s also fun to think about what superheroes might look like if they rocked out instead of (or maybe and also) kicked ass. Artist Andrés Moncayo thought about that in great detail and whipped up these amazing illustrations of what The Avengers and the Justice League might look like if they were bands. How perfect is rockstar Thor? Thor is basically the platonic ideal of long-haired metal. Since we know Hugh Jackman can sing, maybe the next Wolverine standalone film should see him form a band and rock this outfit. Also, Wonder Woman’s symbol as a massive chest tattoo? Yes. To all the things.

If you like these, you can pick up a prints here.

Thanks to GeekxGirls for the tip.

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