Superman's New Suit Makes Full Use of the Sun's Power

ArtSupermanby Mily Dunbar

Starfire is a badass lady who wears even less than other superheroines, which is saying something. There is a totally valid reason for all the T&A, though. She gets power from solar energy, so she wants to soak up as much as possible. Ergo, tiny little bikini outfit. But you know who else gets power from our yellow sun? Superman. So it really doesn’t make any sense at all that he would be so very covered up. Absorb those rays, Supes! 

J.Bone, an Eisner Award nominated cartoonist/comic book artist/illustrator, decided to design a new suit for the Man of Steel that would allow him to make full use of the sun’s power. J.Bone explained his rationale in a series of tweets.

"For the record -- the Superman drawing came from a round-table discussion/article about women's costumes. I don't remember what site :(
"...and then I also saw the article about Starfire's rationale for being naked. That decided it for me.
"The flip-flops, on the other hand, were Superman's decision. I had nothing to do with that."

Wonder Woman digs it. Here is a version that includes the cape:

Thanks to io9 for the tip.

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