Superman's Upper Lip Wasn't The Only Part of Him CGI'd in JUSTICE LEAGUE

There was certainly a lot of drama surrounding Superman's terrible-looking CGI upper lip in Justice League. Now that the dust has settled on that and people aren't really focussing on it anymore, a fan recently noticed that the upper lip wasn't the only thing that was CGI'd on Superman. 

In the Tweet below, which you can also see in the image above, he noticed that Henry Cavill's hands were also CG. 

I have no idea why the hands would need a CG makeover. We know that the reason for the upper lip was because of the mustache that Cavill wasn't allowed to shave. But, there's no reason given as to why they needed to give Superman fake CG hands. Maybe Cavill's hands weren't positioned in a way that anyone liked? I have no idea, but this might just be weirder than the upper lip because there's no reason.

Why do you think the hands got a CGI makeover? 

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