Supreme Leader Snoke's Big-Ass Starship in THE LAST JEDI The Supremacy Has Been Revealed

Thanks to a downloadable remote app for Sphero's new evil BB-9E droid toy we have our first look at Supreme Leader Snoke's personal Star Destroyer in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It's called The Supremacy and this thing is freakin' insane! The bio for The Supremacy reads:

"The Supremacy is the main ship of Supreme Leader Snoke. This massive ship is 60 kilometers in length and is the sole Mega-class Star Destroyer."

That's HUGE! It's also unlike any ship that we've seen in the Star Wars universe before. Just in case you're wondering how big 60 kilometers is, it's 37 miles. Yes... The Supremacy is 37 miles long! There's no doubt that this thing is going to cause some serious damage.

Snoke's not messing around!

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