Surprising New Team of Rangers for MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS Includes New Ranger


There’s a new creative team working on Beyond the Grid which is the storyline will follow Shattered Grid. That team consists of writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Simone Di Meo and they seem really excited. The previous team of writer Kyle Higgins and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo also sounded really excited for what’s coming which gives me a lot of hope. During a recent interview with CB, the new team of Power Rangers that will be the focus of Beyond the Grid was unveiled, check it out below.

There are a couple of things to take note of. First, each Ranger is from a different series. You have Magna Defender from Lost Galaxy, Tanya from Zeo, Cam from Ninja Storm, Andros from In Space, Ranger Slayer (WHAT?!?!?!) from the Go Go Power Rangers comics, and a new one for those of us that never watched Super Sentai. That’s a very interesting team. Without revealing anything about the Shattered Grid storyline, Ryan Parrott mentioned that we’ll learn more about the Ranger Slayer in the upcoming Go Go #11.

I will say that the next issue will reveal, Go Go #11 will reveal a lot of information. You’ll get key information as to understand who the Ranger Slayer is, her relationship with Drakkon, and the second part of the remaining parts of the Go Go Shattered Grid part will basically explain why she is who she is. This is the beginning of her story, not the end of her story.

Since we’ll find out more about Ranger Slayer in the not too distant future, let’s focus on this mysterious new Ranger. I first thought it was just the Blue Dino Charge Ranger since I never saw that series, but I was corrected and it turns out that it is the Talon Ranger or Dark Ranger from the Sentai series Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. He was never adapted to the American version of the show though for some reason. We have no idea who this ranger is, or what they’re like, so I think it will be fun to meet a brand new character.

When asked about why these Rangers were chosen, Bennett failed to reveal anything, but simply said:

I am just over here boiling slowly with the desire to just...have you ever seen The Road to El Dorado? The movie? Okay well there’s a scene where Cortez is cracking his knuckles and he goes, “My crew was as carefully chosen as the Disciples of Christ and I will not tolerate stowaways.” And that’s how I feel about how I chose these characters. I’m dying for the chance to defend my decisions so, soon. Soon I promise you,

Well, I’m excited. Shattered Grid proved to me that the Power Rangers comics are actually good and not just a joke so you can be sure I’ll be reading Beyond the Grid as well.

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