Sweet Alternate Ending to TOY STORY 4 Would Have Nodded at Woody's Devotion to Bo Peep

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Toy Story 4 has been out for a couple of weeks now, and fans are breathing easy. Many were upset at the idea of an additional film after Toy Story 3 wrapped up so beautifully, but as it turned out, the franchise actually did have more story to tell.

The fourth film was, in my opinion, the funniest of the films, and hit me just as hard emotionally as Toy Story 3 did, which I didn’t think was possible. I thought it was a perfect film, but there was actually one alternate ending the filmmakers had in mind before landing on the one they did. But before we get into it, I’ll go ahead and give you the obligatory:


In a recent episode of the Fine Tooning Podcast with Drew Taylor, we were given some info on a twist to the ending of Toy Story 4. Taylor said the following about the scene:

“Toy Story 4 introduces us to this idea that on the bottom of Woody’s boots is Bonnie’s name, and half of it is on one shoe, and half of it is on the other shoe. So one shoe says BO, and the other says NNIE. When Woody decides to make his final decision to stay with Bo and leave the other toys behind, he actually takes his boot and scrapes off the bottom of his left boot, so underneath his boots just says BO…there were a couple of different versions of this. At one point, he stepped in a pizza – yeah, that is actually true – and that left him with the BO.”

This sounds like it would have been really cute. But it may have been too emotional a moment for Woody and then felt confusing for the audience. It already took everything Woody had to leave his old purpose behind, so I can see why they changed it. The ending was perfect.

What did you think about Toy Story 4? Do you think this scene would have added to or taken away from what we ended up with?

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