Sylvester Stallone Leaves THE EXPENDABLES Franchise

The time has come. The Expendables has finally lost their champion, Sylvester Stallone. Granted, they have many others to replace him, that's why they're the expendables, but still. Stallone in many ways was the heart of The Expendables. It was he who pulled everything together, he who led the team into victory, he who started this whole "let's get the biggest action stars of all time for a team-up movie" thing. And now he has said his goodbyes to the franchise.

Much of the reason for Sly's leave has to do with differences in the direction of the next installment of the franchise between him and Image/Millenium chief Avi Lerner. They cannot decide on a new director, script and even visual effects. Although currently, Stallone has officially left the franchise, there still is a chance he may come back. Lerner has gone on the record saying:

"We've got disagreements with Sly, but we've had them for over a year and a half. Right now, each one has an opinion. We agreed on 95 percent of things, but there are certain things in production we don't agree on. I don't think it's over, but write whatever you want. In my opinion, it's not dead."

So Lerner says it's not dead yet, but only time will tell both whether Stallone is gone from The Expendables and if the series itself is done. Without Stallone, The Expendables just isn't as Expendy.

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