Sylvester Stallone’s Upcoming Ex-Con Thriller Finds a Director

Sylvester Stallone is attached to star in a new untitled thriller that was previously known as Godforsaken. The script was written by Daniel Casey and Jim Mickle (Cold in July) was Mickle just hired to direct the film. Thanks to Deadline, we have some details on the story:

Stallone will play an aging ex-con with more regrets than memories. Upon hearing about his son’s death his solitude is quickly broken as he must now protect the only family he has left and avenge a son he hardly knew. 

This sounds like a solid project for Stallone. I like it when he does these kinds of smaller films that flex his acting skills and give us something different than what we’re used to seeing him in.

Mickle is currently working on another film project, which is an adaptation of The Esperanza Fire at Legendary. That movie is based on one of the most fire-prone areas in the world, "Esperanza," and it tells the true story of "a Spartan culture of firefighters battling the ‘perfect storm’ of wildfires."

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