Taika Waititi Claims There Will be a Version of THOR: RAGNAROK Where He Re-Voices The Characters as Snarky New Zealanders!

Of all things I hope are true, this is the biggest. Recently director Taika Waititi made a claim on Twitter about releasing a special version of Thor: Ragnarok. Perhaps a Commentary of sorts. Now, this isn't unusual. Many people make special directors edition or special commentary tracks for films. What he claims, however, is the best thing ever.

Now, many people say it's just a joke, but Taika claims that there will be a special version of Thor: Ragnarok where he will re-voice all the characters as snarky New Zealanders. People retweeted it and got a kick out of the idea. Then he responded with a simple... "You think I'm joking."

Now a lot of things would have to happen to make this come to pass. Disney would have to give it the ok. Taika would have to do a recording session of just him redubbing the lines. That would obviously cost money. It would be silly, but I hope it's true. Wouldn't it be the best surprise to see a special audio track where he just speaks all the lines as a snarky New Zealander? I would buy it. Even if it cost 20 extra dollars. It'd be worth it!

Now, it could be a silly joke. But, a gimmick like this could be one of those things that start as a joke, then the fans want for it make it happen. I'm all aboard this. Please Taika, if you read this site. I'm begging you. I will buy the DVD. I mean... I'll probably buy it anyway. But I'll buy a Blu-ray special edition if you do this. Or if you can't get the ok. Just send me a recording of you dubbing over them all separately. I'll watch it in the privacy of my home and cherish it always.

Do you think it's true? Do you want it to be true? Check out the tweet below.

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