Take A Deep Breath, DOCTOR WHO Is Back

The latest episode of Doctor Who blew my mind with regard to my expectations. I followed any news about the change of the Doctor like a creepy stalker following his one and only love’s decision on where to go to college. To be honest, I grew more and more concerned as the days, weeks, and months drew nearer to the Doctor’s return.  I nearly wet my pants when I saw the first images of the T-Rex in London. The words “Come on, Steven Moffatt ol’ buddy, don’t let me down” ran through my head for a year. Yes, I got that quote from Lando Calrissian of Star Wars.

The premiere of Doctor Who Season 8 arrived. My sister made blue cupcakes and bought custard to commemorate the occasion. We yelled at the pre-show to end, and finally... it started.  

Almost immediately, the episode extinguished my first concern – Peter Capaldi. I know different opinions abound, but I freaking loved him!  Matt Smith always seemed like an old man in a young man’s body. Sure, there were some moments where he showed a bit of youthful innocence, but with Capaldi my first impression was not a “Rebel Time Lord” like he was being portrayed in reports and the trailers, but rather a young man in an old man’s body. He seemed like a complete foil to Smith’s Doctor.

Then the episode addressed my second, much larger concern – everyone else.

I hate – HATE – when something crazy happens in a TV show and no one is affected. Guess what! Lots of crap happens and humans need to deal with it mentally and emotionally. I like to feel like the characters are real and relatable… maybe that’s just me. So, I thoroughly enjoyed that a significant portion of the episode is spent on Clara struggling to come to terms with the change. I find it interesting that the modern character struggled, while the Victorian characters accepted the change. In Victorian England, oddities were swept under the rug and ignored.  (Look at Jane Eyre or half of the Sherlock Holmes stories!)

The majority of my concern about when the Doctor regenerates... was the group as a whole. This is why I liked that Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax appeared. While Clara struggled with the change, the Victorian team set out to adapt quickly and accept the new Doctor. They supported him and tried to help Clara do the same.

I wondered how someone would take over for Christopher Eccleson. David Tennant is my favorite Doctor. I decided I wouldn’t like Smith on principle, and yet he was thoroughly enjoyable! I loved the new Doctor, though! I LOVED IT! I can hardly wait to see more. Steven Moffatt, you’ve done it again. You proved me wrong, and I am so happy that you did.

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