Take a Look at Broly's Canon Appearance

With Dragon Ball Super: Broly on its way out to theaters, fans cannot be more excited about the fact that the Legendary Super Saiyan will now be canon. It looks like in addition to being canon, Broly will have some cosmetic changes.

You’ll notice the biggest change is what he’s wearing. Instead of the gold bracers and neckpiece, he sports more casual looking bracers and no neckwear. Also, his pants and royal looking wrap have been changed out for purple leggings, a wool wrap, and something similar to Freiza Force boots.

He’s still freaking huge and I’m sure he’ll mop the floor with Goku and friends until they achieve some new level of Super Saiyan or something.

Do you like the old design or the new design more?

No specific release date has been mentioned yet, but they may be saving it for SDCC this week. However, we do know to expect a theatrical release in January 2019.

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