Take a Look at Judi Dench as Commander Root in ARTEMIS FOWL

Seeing Judi Dench in command is nothing new. She was M in the James Bond films after all. However, not only will she be in command as Commander Root in Artemis Fowl, she’ll have fairy ears while doing it as a gender-swapped character. Kenneth Branagh is directing the film, and he told Entertainment Weekly that the prosthetics weren’t the only things that changed when Dench assumed the role.

When we started to rehearse, she leant forward, and her shoulders stooped, and her voice dropped, and then suddenly this gravelly, Churchillian, curmudgeonly figure started to emerge.

Commander Root was a male in the book, but that seems to have been a creative liberty that Branagh has taken with the film. He did talk to Eoin Colfer, the author of Artemis Fowl, about it first though:

Eoin Colfer was always very much involved with the development of these scripts, and he’s a man who writes and lives right in the here and now, and I think he was very aware that larger conversations about societal roles have moved on from the time when he wrote this first novel where Holly as a lone woman in a man’s world was an important part of the story. Here, a sense of identity, a sense of what her father did, her place in Haven City, her place in LEPrecon is as important as her gender identification.

Artemis Fowl is set to be in theaters on August 9, 2019.

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