Take a Look at Rukia for Live-Action BLEACH Film


For those excited for the live-action Bleach film (or at least interested in it), we have our first look at Rukia. Rukia is the first Shinigami or Soul Reaper that Ichigo Kurosaki meets and outside of the Soul Society arc, is pretty freaking awesome. She is the one that gives Ichigo Soul Reaper powers to start with (well, sort of) and I’m interested to see her in the new film. Rukia will be played by Hana Sugisaki and she looks great for the role. Yeah, her hair is a little long in back, but I’m ok with small details being changed in adaptations. I hope Sugisaki can portray Rukia well. With the way she explains how she got ready for the role, I’m not worried:

In order to play Rukia, who is a powerful and pure Soul Reaper, I read the original manga over and over again and also watched the anime. I examined Rukia in my own way to prepare for the character. Since I have already worked with Fukushi-san in some other films, I felt relieved from the first day of the shooting. While Ichigo and Rukia are human and death characters in this story, I thought they have hearts, after reading through the screenplay. I fell in love with them whose existences are supporting each other and becoming stronger. I think I was able to feel that way because Fukushi-san was with me. I believe the friendship between the two that I actually felt at the sets will surely reach the hearts of this film’s audience.

The film is currently scheduled to be released in Japan on July 20, 2018. I hope it’s able to make its way out here to the United States not too long after. I’d love to be able to watch it without going to questionable sources.

Source: AnimeMojo

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