TAKEN Director Pierre Morel Set to Direct a New Action-Thriller Called THE BLACKSMITH

Taken director Pierre Morel is set to direct a new action-thriller called The Blacksmith. It’s an adaptation of a graphic novel that was created by Malik Evans and Richard Sparkman, and the screenplay was written by Ben Ripley (Source Code).

The Blacksmith tells the story of Wes Loomis, “a go-to weapons expert or the intelligence community. When his clandestine lab is destroyed and his colleagues murdered, Wes must go on the run with only his unique set of technological skills to keep him alive, in a journey that takes him to the heart of his own dark profession.”

Yep, it’s another movie about a guy who has a particular set of skills to survive and save the day. There’s no word who will star in the movie, but I’m sure that Liam Neeson will be up for it! Executive producer Stuart Ford had this to say in a statement:

“Ben Ripley’s terrific script introduces us to a highly original, new breed of tech savvy action hero in Wes Loomis, and Pierre is the perfect director to bring this franchise to life”.

Producer Jon Shestack added:

“Our hero is thrown out into the world with no allies and none of his usual tools. His race to survive is one thrilling improvisation after another, and I can’t wait to see Morel bring that to life.”

So… it also sounds like it’s going to be kinda like MacGyver. It sounds like fun! I’m in.

Source: Deadline

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