Talisman is one of those older, less-known board games in the community. Heck, I only know about it because it came in a digital bundle I bought once for other games. It’s a game that I’ve tried and, honestly, wasn’t impressed with. However, I might have to give it another try since a new version of the game is coming out ,and it is Kingdom Hearts themed!

Following the release of award-nominated video game Kingdom Hearts III, the celebration continues as Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition reveals Sora, Kairi, Riku, King Mickey, Goofy, and other comrades as figures at the helm of impressive new stories and combat methods. Inspired by Kingdom Hearts lore, the 2- to 6-player game’s objective compels players to acquire the needed Strength and Magic to seal the Door to Darkness and keep Heartless from consuming the communal worlds.

An artful game board with three regions, custom marbleized six-sided dice, tokens, and cards maintain the beloved aspects and exploratory spirit of “The Magical Quest Game” while offering lighthearted Disney nostalgia. Memorable locations such as Neverland and Traverse City, Munny-themed currency, Gummi Paths and more will comprise a brand new journey to the delight of sentimental fans.

Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition is at the forefront of The OP’s recently announced partnership with Games Workshop, and enthusiasts can expect more dynamic titles to come from the collaboration!

I love Kingdom Hearts, and I’m sure many of you do too. No official release has been given other than “before the end of 2019” so there are 10 possible months in which it could be released. My guess is that it’ll come out just in time for the holiday season. Now, I’m going to give Talisman another try so I can get more hyped for Talisman: Kingdom Hearts.

Via: BoardGameGeek

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