Tarantino Teases Extended DJANGO UNCHAINED Miniseries

Quentin Tarantino is one of my all time favorite directors. Everything he makes blows me away! So when I heard that he is thinking about making a Django Unchained miniseries, it caught my attention. Tarantino brought up the idea of the miniseries at the Cannes Film Festival, saying,

"It would use all the material that I have and it wouldn’t be an endurance test. It would be a miniseries. And people love those! It’s funny. You present someone with a four-hour movie and they roll their eyes. They go, 'I don’t want to watch that!' But you show them a four-part miniseries that they like and they’re dying to watch all four episodes in a row."

I am one of those people who would watch it all in one go. Django Unchained is such a great movie and getting to go deeper into that world is very appealing. 90 extra minutes can cover a lot of ground. I wonder what new stories will be told? Will we see Django and Broomhilda running away for the first time instead of just the aftermath? I'm hoping to see more of Christoph Waltz as Dr. King Schultz and learn more about his character!

Tarantino was also willing to disclose some tidbits about The Hateful Eight.

“I’m in no hurry. Maybe I’ll shoot it. Maybe I’ll publish it. Maybe I’ll do it on the stage. Maybe I’ll do all three.”

After what happened with the script being leaked, I can understand his hesitation.

“I have calmed down a bit from the knife in the back. The wound is starting to scab.”

I'm excited by the prospect of Tarantino doing a stage version!  I mean, I still want the film more than the other options, but the idea of all that blood on stage? Sign me up for the splash zone.

Source: Deadline and Vulture

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