Teaser Trailer for DOCTOR WHO Series 10 Showcases Goofy New Companion

Bill (Pearl Mackie) is goofy, loud, over the top...and more importantly, the completely opposite personality that may be just what The Doctor needs. It's no secret Doctor Who has been in a slump ever since the departure of Matt Smith, but very few are putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of current doctor Peter Capaldi. After watching this new trailer and seeing brief glimpses of the two interacting, I think they can bring the magic back.

Let's be honest, Jenna Coleman and Capaldi are both great actors...but there was just zero chemistry between the two. Perhaps now with a fresh companion and a new showrunner on the horizon, things will be different!

Just from the short teaser, I'm already getting strong "Donna Noble" vibes from Bill and I think that might be a perfect match to the grumpy stoic Doctor that Capaldi has embodied. This allows Capaldi to stay in his element where he thrives in the drama and smark, and leave the cornball antics to his new companion.

I have high hopes this matchup works out! Let's keep our fingers crossed as series 10 debuts in 2017.

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