Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopa Troopers Art by George Gant

Why does it always have to be Donatello? Don't you know he does machines? 

Man, I love that old theme song.

Nostalgia aside, Geroge Gant has taken one of the most underappreciated set of characters in gamedom, the Koopas, and thrown them into a mashup with our favorite green turtles, Mario-esque shredder in tow. I love Gant's art style; it's so colorful and fun. You can peep more of his work on his deviant art page, and hopefully next time Donatello can be doing machines.

Upon further review, that just sounds completely nonsensical. What exactly does "Donatello does machines" mean, anyway? Creates, Fixes, Builds, Constructs are all preferable choices to does. 

I digress, soapbox is complete.

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