This Proof of Concept Trailer For an Animated TERMINATOR Film Called EXTERMINATION Has Potential

Animated versions of sci-fi movies are often hit or miss. We've seen plenty of sci-fi films play with animation like Matrix's the AnimatrixStarship Troopers, Rambo the animated series, and um.. Robocop the animated series. Whether it's done with animation or CGI, it can be an interesting way to tell new stories, and that is what Bruce Stirling and John Knox are trying to do with the Terminator franchise.

This animated trailer serves as a proof of concept for a Terminator film project called Extermination and it has a lot of good concepts, great art, and some decent voice acting. They are obviously trying to make something fresh and good. I wholly support this idea, or rather, I support the making of something good with Terminator. The past few movies haven't been good, so a new animated film could change things up and make it interesting.

As you know James Cameron and Deadpool director Tim Miller are currently developing a new Terminator film trilogy, but I think there's still room for an animated project like this as well. 

Check out the proof of concept trailer below. What do you think? Sound off below.

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