Terrifying Art of Martha Wayne as The Joker from Flashpoint

Art The Joker by Joey Paur

The insane piece of fan art was created by JeeHyung Lee, and it features the Martha Wayne version of The Joker from the Flashpoint alternate universe. In this twisted version of the story, young Bruce Wayne is shot and killed by Joe Chill. Martha isn’t able to cope with the loss so she slices open her cheeks to create a faux smile. It’s a pretty dark and depressing story: 

As Joker, she is the nemesis of Batman (Thomas Wayne) and uses Yo-Yo as a henchman. She kidnaps Harvey Dent's son and daughter. Joker kills James Gordon after she tricks him into shooting Harvey's daughter (disguised as the Joker). After Dent's son and daughter are saved, Batman confronts Joker about their son's death. He reveals to Martha that there is a way to rewrite history (as Batman has recently met the Barry Allen) where their son will live although they will die. Realizing that her son will be Batman, Martha flees in horror, falling to her death in the caverns below Wayne Manor.

I love the point of view from the mouth with the Joker sticking the knife inside. It’s a very unsettling and terrifying image and screams awesomeness. 

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