Tessa Thompson Asked Kevin Feige About Developing an All-Female Marvel Movie and He Said Yes

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a press event for Thor: Ragnarok where the main cast showed up to talk about the movie. During the panel, someone asked if Tessa Thomspon if there were any plans for a solo Valkyrie movie. Feige responded with, "Pretty good idea". Thompson then chimed in and shared a story of how she and a few other Marvel female actress confronted Feige about an all-female Marvel movie, saying:

"Recently I marched up with a couple of other women who work in Marvel and [asked Kevin]. How about a movie with some female super heroes? Like all of them.”

Fans have been talking about wanting to see a female-led Marvel film for awhile and the first one to get made will be Captain Marvel. Of course, fans have also wanted to see a Black Widow movie and Agent Carter movie. After seeing Thor: Ragnarok, I wouldn't mind seeing a Valkyrie movie as well, because that character is awesome! 

Well, it sounds like one day we will get a movie filled with female heroes! Kevin Feige says that after he was confronted by Thompson and these other actresses, he said Yes to it. Here's the quote:

“It was a pretty amazing moment to be somewhere and have your shoulder be taped and turn around find every female hero we have is standing there going, ‘How about it?’ And I said ‘yes.'”

So, according to Feige it just wasn't a couple of actresses, it was all of them. Yeah, there's no way that he could've said no! Regardless, I'd love to see how Marvel would bring all of these female characters together in a movie. 

Thompson went on to mention Lady Liberators, which is an all-female team in the comics with characters that have included Valkyrie, Wasp, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch. There are more characters that include She-Hulk, Storm, Tigra, Hellcat, Spider-Woman and more.

That would certainly be the way to go! Would you want to see Marvel make a Lady Liberators movie?

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