TETRIS is Now Getting Its Own Movie Trilogy

Who signed off on such a stupid idea?! I get it, everyone is making video game movies. We have The Angry Birds Movie, Assassin's Creed, Ratchet & Clank, and so many more have come before it! So when I read at Collider that a TETRIS movie is being made, confirming plans we heard a couple of years ago...I'm sorry, I can't. Better yet, the film is budgeted for $80 million, which sounds like $79,800,000 too much in my honest opinion. Just when I thought the madness is at its peak, I learned there are plans for a TRILOGY. God help us.

The film is set to feature a Chinese ensemble cast and be filmed at various locations around the world in what is billed as a "sci-fi thriller." If the plot is literally "Tetris blocks are aliens that attack the world," they can go ahead and cease production as I've already imagined the entire film in my head. How many monuments and world wonders will we see deleted? Just tell me now — will one of them be Stonehenge?

Hey look, I found some leaked footage.

In the comments below, write something you could do with $80 million dollars that's better than this!

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