Thanks to China, Duncan Jones Will Probably Get to Make WARCRAFT 2

Duncan JonesWarcraft may not have been a hit in the U.S. as it only made $24.4 so far. American audiences don’t seem to be digging the fantasy adventure film, and reviews have not been kind. I personally enjoyed the hell out of it, and I loved what Jones did with the adaptation. Maybe American audiences just weren’t ready for this kind of heavy fantasy film. Maybe it was the way the film was marketed. I don’t really know, but China was sure ready for it! 

Warcraft made $156 million in five days in China. That’s an insanely impressive number, and it’s awesome to see that there is an audience out there that does appreciate the work that Jones, his team, and Blizzard put into creating this feature film adaptation of WoW. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that a huge number of World of Warcraft’s active subscriber base is in China. 

These numbers make Warcraft the largest foreign film debut in China’s history. That means it made more than films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman v Superman. This is cause for celebration for anyone would enjoyed the movie! The total box office number being reported worldwide currently stands at $304.6 million.

Jones and Blizzard had already planned out a trilogy, and the end of the first film certainly leaves it open for the story to continue. I was really hoping that we would get to see this vision fully realized, and now thanks to China, there’s a good chance that Jones will get to continue the story he started with the first film. When previously talking about where the trilogy was headed Jones said:

“You don’t make films this big and not hope that you’re going to get the chance to make maybe one or two more. I know Chris Metzen, who works at Blizzard and myself have talked about, if we have the chance to make a trilogy, what would story be? And what we set up in this film, I think, I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying… The Orcs had a home, they lost their home. Duratan, who’s chieftain of the Frost Worlds has tried to bring his people somewhere to give them a new home. At the end of this movie they don’t quite have that new home yet. I would hope by the end of the trilogy we know where the Orcs are going to live.”

As the box office numbers continue to grow over the coming months, a sequel seems like it’s inevitable, but we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m excited about the possibility of seeing how the full story plays out with these characters. Are you happy to hear that Warcraft is turning out to be a success?

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