The Kid From IRON MAN 3 That Tony Stark Befriended Will Be in AVENGERS 4


Remember that kid from Iron Man 3 played by Ty Simpkins that Tony Stark befriended? The kid's name was Harley Keener and he was the tech-obsessed kid who warmed Stark's arc-reactor powered heart and helped him repair his armor and get back into action. Well, it's been revealed by IMDb that he has joined the cast of Avengers 4.

I honestly never thought that I'd see that kid again in a Marvel movie. He's 16-years-old now and there's no word on how he will play into the story, or how big a part he has, but it is interesting to learn that director's Joe and Anthony Russo are bringing him back. 

I wonder what they have in store for the character. Do you have theories on why they are bringing Harley back?

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