THE A-TEAM Remake Series is in Development at Fox

TV The A-Team by Joey Paur

I grew up on The A-Team — I freakin' loved watching that show! Col. John “Hannibal” Smith, Lieutenant Templeton “Faceman” Peck, Captain “Howling Mad” Murdock, and B. A. Baracus were my definition of badasses when I was a kid. 

Deadline is reporting that the classic '80s series is going to be rebooted by 20th Century Fox. The show was already rebooted once as a film by Joe Carnahan, which was incredibly fun, but this time around it will be rebooted as a new series. 

The series is being developed by Fast & Furious writer-producer Chris Morgan. He's also executive producing the series with TV director Tawnia McKiernan, who is the daughter of the original creator of the series, Stephen J. Cannell. Then there's Sleepy Hollow executive producer Albert Kim, who is writing the upcoming adaptation. According to the report:

"The new A-Team revolves around a diverse team of American Special Forces operatives. Unlike the original all-male squad, the new team will include both male and female members. The group has been framed for a crime they didn’t commit and set out to clear their names by uncovering the black-ops conspiracy that set them up. Along the way, they are driven to help those in need by using their singular military skills, high-tech expertise and often conflicting individual approaches. It’s described as a fun episodic mission-of-the-week show that mixes big action-adventure sequences with compelling characters, inventive cons and lots of humor."

I was hoping for a sequel to the movie, but it doesn't look like that's ever going to happen. I guess a series like this could be the next best thing...if it's good! They better not screw this up! I think it will be fine with Morgan leading the charge, though. He's done a great job with the Fast & Furious franchise. Hopefully he can bring that awesomeness to The A-Team series.

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