The Arabic Version of the BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SEIRES Theme Song is Pretty Peppy

The Arabic version of the Batman: The Animated Series themed song is extremely different than the one that we grew up with! It’s definitely has a more catchy tune and you’d think it would come along with some kind weird popular dance.

Watch the video and then you can read what the translated lyrics of the theme song are:

I’m sure you’ll be wondering what the translated lyrics are, so here ya go:

"The guardian who does not placate evil

From his cave went over like a thunder

He walk the streets

into the truth

So, no place for mystery

For our hero a spirit of honest

that discovered truth

A light shines downtown

drawing an appeal for our hero

while it appears and disappears

That is Batman signal"

I’ve been a fan of this show for years and it’s pretty crazy that I haven’t heard this song until now. It’s really interesting to learn that there’s a whole group of fan out there that think that our version of the theme song is the weird one!

What do you think of the Arabic version of the Batman: The Animated Series theme song?

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