THE ART OF WAR FOR D&D PLAYERS Helps Players Understand Strategies and Be Prepared for Any Fight

The Art of War is one of the most famous books out there. It comes from the Chinese philosopher and general Sun Tzu. Well, M.T. Black has adapted Tzu’s work for Dungeons & Dragons in the unofficial supplement The Art of War for D&D Players. The book has 13 brief chapters that help players be more effective in their D&D campaigns. All of these chapters have solid ideas of things to keep in mind such as those random supplies you got in your starting adventurer’s or explorer’s pack. It also helps with strategy ideas in terms of how to make groups of enemies smaller and more manageable.

Over two thousand years ago, a philosopher-general named Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War, the seminal work on military strategy. Discover how you can use these ancient secrets to master the game of Dungeons & Dragons!

Reading the first couple of chapters I started to feel like it was getting too close to the edge of min/maxing and removing the roleplaying element. However, I kept reading and I saw that there’s a lot more that can feed the roleplaying elements than those that would detract. That being said, as you familiarize yourself with any of these ideas it should, in theory, become easier to incorporate them into the roleplaying part of D&D.

The Art of War for D&D Players is currently on sale to celebrate its launch on DMs Guild for only $7.95.

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