The Avengers are Coming to San Diego Comic-Con!

I know it seems like a given that the Avengers would have a presence at San Diego Comic-Con to promote Age of Ultron. But you have to remember that the whole cast will be in London shooting the film while Comic-Con is happening, so there was a chance that they all wouldn't be able to make it. Mark Ruffalo has some great news for the fans though! He recently confirmed in an interview with Collider that they will all be coming to Comic-Con! When asked about it, this is what he said:

“Yeah, we’re gonna go out there.  We’re all flying, we’re flying from London.  We’re working.  We’re shooting.  We’re gonna stop and get on a plane and go to Comic Con together. It’s gonna be amazing.”

It is going to be amazing, and you know damn well that they are going to show off the first footage from the film at the convention! I imagine that Paul Bettany (Vision), James Spader (Ultron), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver) will all join the usual suspects on the stage this year. I've also been hearing that Marvel will make some official announcements regarding other aspects of Phase 3. Ant-Man? Doctor Strange? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

This is truly an event that you're not going to want to miss, and if you do miss it, it's ok… we got your back and we'll tell you all about it.

In the same interview, Ruffalo also discussed the standalone Hulk film we are all impatiently waiting for, and the technology being used to bring the character to life. He says he'd like to see it progress a little further before they tackle a new Hulk movie. 

“We’re a little bit behind on the motion capture technology as far as facial recognition in real time.  Now we have, when I put on my motion capture suit, I look in front of me and there’s me as The Hulk.  There’s The Hulk.  Every move I make, The Hulk’s making it and so you have this immediate feedback like almost looking in a mirror, but instead of seeing myself, I see The Hulk …  But they haven’t come up to speed on the facial recognition that way.  They can capture the facial – the new technology is we can shoot the body recognition and the facial recognition at the same time, so now you can integrate performance, physical performance with the actual face and voice, but by the time we’re ready to probably – if we do another Hulk – that technology will be in real time and once that happens, there’d be no limit to what you can do creatively as far as your physical being is concerned.  I can play a freakin’ parasite in the ass of a worm [laughs].

"It’s so exciting.  There’s no limit to where we can go.  I hope to be a pioneer in this space with Andy Serkis.  I worked a lot with him on this.  I’m very excited by what he’s doing.  We are retraining the studio to see this as integral a part as the first unit.  This is not second or third unit or motion capture unit.  This is first unit.  This is performance.  It’s completely driven by the actor and it has to be honored as much as anything else, so that’s kind of where we’re heading with this technology and it’s very exciting.”

One day a new hulk movie will be released, and it will be everything the fans have been waiting for. Planet Hulk anyone?  

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