THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT Co-Creator Says The New BLAIR WITCH "Blows The Doors Off The Original"

Everyone who has seen the surprise sequel to The Blair Witch Project, titled Blair Witch, has been blown away. This includes co-creator of the original film, Eduardo Sanchez, who says the film "blows the doors off the original." Bloody Disgusting has the full quote, which you can read below:

“It’s just full-blast ‘Blair Witch’,” he explained. “It’s really creepy and the last third is just crazy. It’s just all over the place. It just does not let you go, you know? I’m really happy to have been a part of it… it kind of progresses the found-footage genre a little bit which I think is really cool...It’s really, really well grounded in the original. And I think that the fans of the original will get a lot out of it. It’s kind of a recognizable…it’s almost like you’ve been, like kind of a deja vu, but then it turns into just a — like I said, it kinda takes our film and blows the doors off and goes nuts with it, in a really really good way.”

That's promising! We heard a lot of positive reception to the footage when the film got a surprise reveal at SDCC, so I'm eager to see how they raised the bar. Let's not forget the original film defined the found footage style of filming, so this sequel will have some big shoes to fill!

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