THE BOONDOCK SAINTS: ORIGINS TV Prequel Series Has Been Announced

Hey, remember Boondock Saints? Thank you to those of you who responded to the computer. Remember that sequel they made? Or the Comic? Do you want more? Well, it was recently announced that it will now be getting a TV prequel series. Doesn't that just make all you Boondock Saints fans happy?

The Boondock Saints: Origins will take place before the events of original Boondock Saints movie. To help fund the project, you can go to their campaign page now and donate almost $600 for a special edition of the TV series before it is even released on TV. It comes with a bunch of extras including Rosary Beads, Whisky Tumbler set, and metal cross keychain, just for a start. Only the first 5000 people get it though. I've also include a camgain video for you to watch as well. 

Look, I'm a fan of the first Boondock Saints. It's a great movie and I enjoy watching it on Saint Patrick's Day. But I've never thought to myself "gee, I wish I could see their life before this". And I certainly haven't thought "gee I wish I could throw $600 to see it a little earlier than everyone else and in a fancy case." But people will do what they will. Crowd-funding campaigns are a great thing and they occasionally make brilliant things happen. Then things like this sometimes get made. I'm not saying it's gonna be bad. Hell, it could be great. It'll be made by the creators of the franchise, and they might have great plans for these characters. But, cult fan films don't often strike twice in the same franchise. If you're really are a die-hard fan of Boondock Saints, though, then it's something to look forward to. You can check out a campaign video below that teases the new series:

Here's the full press release:

Don Carmody Television (DCTV) today announced they have reteamed with The Boondock Saints creator Troy Duffy to revive the cult classic film franchise for television, with an exclusive fan-focused pre-order campaign of the newly reimagined installment – The Boondock Saints: Origins.

An American crime film written and directed by Duffy, The Boondock Saints first hit screens in 1999 and starred Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus as Irish immigrant fraternal twins, Connor and Murphy MacManus, who become vigilantes in order to rid their home city of Boston, Massachusetts of crime, evil and corruption. The film garnered more than $260 million in worldwide theatrical and DVD sales and has a robust social media presence of more than four million followers.

The television reboot campaign officially kicks off today with the launch of a fan-driven pre-sales initiative at In addition to DVD and digital download pre-orders of the series, fans of the franchise will have access to experiences, merchandise and a limited edition subscription box. Fans purchasing the offering will also gain access to exclusive bonus and behind-the-scenes content.

“The Boondock Saints has become an irreverent cult brand that has resonated with loyal fans across the globe for almost 20 years”, said Don Carmody, Executive Producer and Chairman of DCTV. “We’re beyond excited to reward our fans with an unprecedented opportunity to go behind the curtain throughout the entire creative development and production processes via a myriad of exclusive material, outreach and sneak peeks”.

“A television series is the perfect medium for story telling inside the world of our beloved blue collar super heroes. The brothers have always been defenders of the people, justice, fairness and the city of Boston”, says Creator and Executive Producer Troy Duffy. “In this sensitive time of human rights unrest, government scandal and civil corruption, there couldn’t be a better moment to re-launch the brothers iconic brand of justice in the Cradle of Democracy”.

“The Boondock Saints” television series will be executive produced by Duffy (Boondock Saints, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day), Carmody and David Cormican of DCTV (“ShadowHunters,” “Tokyo Trial,” “Between,” “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.”)

Carmody, a producer of the first two movies in The Boondock Saints franchise and the Academy Award winning Chicago and Good Will Hunting, as well as the Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises, recently made the move in to producing television, including the Emmy nominated “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe” for Lifetime, “ShadowHunters” for Freeform and “Between” and “Tokyo Trial” for Netflix.

Additional producers, production team, showrunner and production details and worldwide casting calls will be released in the coming weeks as the campaign engages fans. The revamped logo design and branding for the television reboot has been made in association with Imaginary Forces, Ryde Studios and the producers.

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