The CHILD'S PLAY Reboot Hilariously Trolls TOY STORY 4 With a New Poster

This new poster for the upcoming Child’s Play reboot might just be the best piece of marketing that’s been released for the film so far. What makes it so great is the fact that it hilariously trolls Toy Story 4.

The poster was shared on Twitter with the following caption:

“There’s a new sheriff in town. Meet your new best friend on June 21.”

As you can see it features the foot of Chucky walking off frame leaving a trail of blood behind him along with a slaughtered cowboy doll that looks like Woody lying on the ground. Yeah, it’s a little demented, but it’s all in good fun.

The movie features a new version of Chucky, who is voiced by Mark Hamill, and the doll embarks on a bloody killing spree as a group of kids try to stop him.

The movie stars Aubrey Plaza as a mother who gives her son, Andy, a toy Buddi doll for his birthday. Turns out the doll is sinister and primed for killing. The story follows a group of friends as they take on a technologically-advanced doll that enters their world. It’s also been reported that the version of Chucky in this film is "a defective 'Buddy doll' whose programming code was hacked so that he has no limitations to learning and also violence." There is no possessed doll in this remake.

Additional cast includes Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta), Gabriel Bateman (Lights Out) as Plaza’s son, Beatrice Kitsos (The Exorcist) and Ty Consiglio (Wonder) who will be playing the roles of Falyn and Pugg, respectively, two friends of Andy Barclay. Carlease Burke (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) will also star in the film.

The movie is directed by Lars Klevberg, who directed the horror movie Polaroid. As for the script, it was written by Tyler Burton Smith (Kung Fury 2). It producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith are producing.

Child’s Play will be released in theaters on June 21.

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