The Church of Satan Wants to Clear the Air About Its Involvement with The Satanic Temple Amid Netflix Lawsuit

The Satanic Temple is currently suing Netflix for the use of a Baphomet statue in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Something that people are not aware of is that The Satanic Temple is not the Church of Satan.

They are two very different organizations, and Reverend Joel Ethan of the Church of Satan really wants people to recognize this. In fact, Ethan released a statement saying they don’t believe Netflix has infringed on the copyright.

Netflix built their own Baphomet sculpture for their show which obviously references the TST version, but also references numerous public domain versions. Differing details in the chest, wings, beard, head and so on make it clear that the Netflix version is not an exact copy of the TST version, rather a situation of fair use of public domain and popular cultural imagery.

If you’d like, you can read the statement in its entirety.

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