The Classic Series BEWITCHED is Getting a Reboot with an Interracial Family

TV BewitchedABC by Joey Paur

The classic popular 1960s comedy series Bewitched is getting a reboot at ABC. I enjoyed watching reruns of this series when I was a kid and I hope that this reboot ends up being good.

According to Deadline, the new series comes from Black-ish creator Kenya Barris and Black-ish writer and producer Yamara Taylor. It's also said that the remake will focus around an interracial family. Here are the details that have been revealed:

In Bewitched, written by Barris and Taylor, Samantha, a hardworking black single mom who happens to be a witch, marries Darren, a white mortal who happens to be a bit of a slacker. They struggle to navigate their differences as she discovers that even when a black girl is literally magic, she’s still not as powerful as a decently tall white man with a full head of hair in America.

That's definitely an interesting direction to take the story and they are obviously looking to make a statement about today's society. 

What are your thoughts on the direction that they are looking to take the reboot of Bewitched?

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