The Creators of WESTWORLD Have a "Controversial Plan" To Mess With Fans For Season 2

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When it comes to shows like Westworld and Game of Thrones, fans love to come up with theories on what is going to happen. Sometimes fans actually get something right! Westworld is a show that is filled with a lot of twists and turns, but there were fans that managed to figure out the big twist in Season 1. That twist revolved around the timeline and the big reveal that Jimmi Simpson's William and The Man in Black (Ed Harris) were actually the same person. This was supposed to be a huge surprising revelation, but the fans managed to figure it out before the reveal. 

So how do the creators of the show prevent this from happening in Season 2? Well, it sounds like they might actually be putting out fake theories online to throw the fans off of what they are actually doing! Creator Jonathan Nolan explained:

"We love to fuck with Reddit. Part of it stems from other shows. True Detective had a lot of fan theories that proved to be theories. There are lot of theories about Westworld's first season that proved to be plot twists. I think for every fan theory, we actually had an episode that dealt with it."

So I guess the creators and showrunners of Westworld are fine with throwing a few red herrings into the wild to try and keep fans from guessing what will happen. I'm sure there will be a few smart fans out there that will see through that stuff though. Nolan goes on to tease how HBO plans on keeping Westworld Season 2 under wraps, saying that it's somewhat controversial:

"We're figuring out how to sort of interact with that in the second season. A somewhat controversial plan that we're working on; we'll have an announcement about it in a couple weeks. It's incredibly gratifying to see people put that much work---not just into deciphering the season, but the fan art and music. The creativity you see coming back at you when you're making one of these things is extraordinary.

What do you think about fake fan theories being planted for Westworld Season 2? I'm not quite sure if that is what this "controversial plan" is though. We'll find out soon enough. However, planting fake fan theories is something that Marvel has done for some of their films, so I guess this may be the best way to try and keep fans from ruining the surprises that are coming.

Westworld Season 2 will premiere on April 22, 2018. 

Source: Esquire

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