THE CREATURE COMPENDIUM OF RAVNICA Gives Details for Including Over 90 MAGIC: THE GATHERING Creatures in Your D&D Game

If you are running your Dungeons & Dragons game in the Ravnica setting thanks to Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, you’ll want to look at this supplement. Chris Willett has been hard at work creating the unofficial supplement, The Creature Compendium of Ravnica, and it’s finally available.

This supplement features roughly 94 creatures based on creatures from Magic: The Gathering that would do well in the City of Guilds. Some creatures of note include guildmages for each guild, Chandra Nalaar, and even Nicol Bolas.

Willett even went the extra mile and gave a small blurb after each stat block to give a bit more description about the different creatures and their lore.

You can pick up The Creature Compendium of Ravnica on DMs Guild for $11.95.

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