The CW Has Chosen to Not Renew Its Automatic Deal with Netflix


Netflix has been dealt another blow in terms of content. The CW has decided not to renew its deal with Netflix that automatically put the former’s shows on the latter’s streaming service. This isn’t quite as bad as one is originally led to believe though. First, this does not mean that Netflix is losing all of their CW content like Supernatural, the Arrowverse, and Riverdale. Second, it does not mean that Netflix won’t get any future CW programs. Essentially, this simply means that Netflix doesn’t automatically get the content and will therefore have to fight other streaming services for the licenses. The first three shows to do this appear to be the new Batwoman, Katy Keene, and Nancy Drew series.

According to Deadline:

Past seasons of CW series that premiered through the current 2018-19 season, such as The Flash and Riverdale, will continue to stream on Netflix during the broadcast life of the series and for a number of years beyond that.

That should be of comfort to some fans who are maybe a little behind. It appears that the decision to not renew the deal won’t have strong implications on current and old content, but rather only affect new content. What do you think of this deal not being renewed?

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