The CW is Developing a Reboot of THE 4400

TV The 4400The CW by Joey Paur

It’s kind of silly that Hollywood rarely takes chances on original concepts. In 2007 the USA Network series The 4400 aired its final episode. It was a decent series for its time, but now The CW wants to reboot it.

The series will be produced by CBS Television Studios, which produced the original series and the project is being developed by Taylor Elmore (Limitless, Justified) and Craig Sweeny (The 4400, Star Trek: Discovery). They will co-write the pilot for the reboot and executive produce, with Elmore set to serve as showrunner.

In the series, “over the course of recent history, four thousand four hundred young adults in their reproductive prime have gone missing all over the world. Some disappearances happened as recently as a few weeks ago, while others date as far back as the day the Soviets launched the Sputnik satellite in 1957. One day in 2019, all 4,400 show up at the sites of their original abductions. None of them have aged a day and none have any memory of where they’ve been. The so called “4400” must grapple with their return to a changed and hostile world and also contend with the reality that they’ve come back altered in ways that none of them yet understand.”

The series was created by René Echevarria and Scott Peters, but they don’t seem to be involved with the reboot.

I can’t say that I’m interested in watching a reboot of The 4400 because the story has already been told once. I don’t need to see it again.

What do you think about The CW rebooting The 4400?

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