The CW's THE FLASH Cast Talks About Who Should Win in BATMAN V SUPERMAN

While Marvel Studios and Marvel TV have created movies and shows that occupy the same cinematic universe, which allows characters to freely jump back and forth between the two mediums, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have used a different tactic enacting their grand plan. Unless one of their films introduces the concept of parallel universes, it seems unlikely that actors from shows like Arrow and The Flash will pop up in the live action features, especially since the studio has already cast Ezra Miller as Barry Allen for a planned solo film and left actor Grant Gustin hanging on the small screen.

But it looks like A) either the cast of The Flash doesn't have any hard feelings about getting shafted, or B) they're contractually obligated to talk about other DC-related projects, because The CW has released a video of a few members of the cast talking about who they think will win in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That film arrives in theaters next Friday, and both Arrow and The Flash return to TV next week. Check out the video, along with a couple of quick promos for the new TV episodes below.

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