THE DARK TOWER Movie Confirmed to Be a Sequel To The Book Series

We already know that The Dark Tower film isn't a direct adaptation of any of the books in Stephen King's series. As we've noticed there are several different elements from various books that we've seen in the trailers. A lot of fans have been thinking that this is just going to be a very different and condensed retelling of the epic series to make it work for film.

Turns out the story they plan on telling throughout the course of the movie trilogy and TV series all takes place after the book series ends! These upcoming films will serve as a sequel. I actually had a theory about this awhile back, but I'll get into that later.

The confirmation comes from director Nik Arcel, who told IGN:

“It is, in fact, a continuation. It is a canon continuation. That’s exactly what we intended and what Stephen King has signed off on.”

Sometimes it's cool to find out you were right about something you speculated on regarding a film. About a year ago King sent out a tweet with an image of the Horn of Eld, which is what sparked my theory. If you've read the books, then you know the significance of that. If you aren't familiar with the books, let me explain.

At the end of the final book, The Dark Tower, after Roland's journey and he reaches the tower he realizes that he has done this all before. Roland comes to find out that he has made this trip to the tower countless times. The thing is, every time he has made this journey it has been different for him. It just keeps resetting for him.

When everything resets for him at the end of the final book Roland finds himself at the start of his journey in the first book. Only this time there's something different, he has something that he never had before. That something is the Horn of Eld. Once he realizes what he has, the voice of the character Gan tells him, “This is your promise that things may be different, Roland – that there may yet be rest. Even salvation.”

The promo photo that King released came with the caption, "Last Time Around", which leads me to believe that this film series will be Roland's final journey! This will be the last time that things won't reset for Roland! I'm a huge fan of the book series so right now, I'm more excited than ever to see The Dark Tower movie! 

If you've never read the book series, don't worry. The film series has been structured in a way that it will stand on its own, and you won't have to know everything about the books. Of course, If you are familiar with the books it might be a little more fun to watch.

The Dark Tower opens in theaters on August 4th. 

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