THE DEFECTOR is a Fantastic Conspiracy Thriller Short Set During the Cold War

I've got a great short film for you all to watch today called The Defector. It's a conspiracy thriller that is set during the Cold War. The movie is inspired by a true story that tells the war's greatest unsolved mystery.

In 1967 Prime Minister Holt disappeared without a trace. His body was never found. Find out what really happened, and witness his last days in office through this tense conspiracy thriller.

The movie was written and directed by Scott Mannion and he did an awesome job. The production quality is top notch, the acting is solid, and the story is awesomely intriguing. It's a slow-burn thriller that I think many of you will enjoy.

This definitely isn't a historical biopic, there are some interesting elements added to the story that I won't spoil for you. When talking about the direction of the film Mannion told SMH:

"A film is an idea, a dream. The audience is interacting with that idea, and they come to it with sets of expectations, contexts, knowledge, and judgments. But then you add the other variable: their prior interaction with the Holt enigma. It's endlessly complex. Conventions and expectations are tools to be manipulated, but always for the audience – and always in service of their enjoyment".

Watch the film below and tell us what you think.

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