THE DEFENDERS Comic Series May Have Just Killed a Prominent Spider-Man Villain

I don't know if you've been keeping track of The Defenders comics recently, but they are way better than the Netflix Series. Not that I'm bashing on the Netflix series, the comics have just been that good. And recently, the comics just kicked it up a notch by having the big bad of the series take down a major player in the comics.

Black Cat has recently gone through some tough times. When Doc Ock became Spider-Man for about a year, he kind of turned on her. She was Spider-Man's hero apprentice, but Doc Ock decided to not be a good person and instead beat her half to death and turn her in to the police, making her lose everything and break bad once again. She decided that instead of being an anti-hero, she'd go full villain. She became the new Kingpin of the comics. She ruled with an iron whip and was a dangerous foe to fight. 

Earlier in the series, a new villain showed up known as Diamondback. Marvel has decided to reboot the character and make him actually cool. I say new villain because this Diamondback, while still going by the same name and identity, is quite different than the one from previous comics. He took down Luke Cage in a fight even. He originally tried to strike a deal with Black Cat, but she saw him as too dangerous and tipped off the Defenders. Now he's getting his revenge. He appears in her apartment and fills her with lead. The Defenders hear it, aaaaaand cliffhanger. Black Cat is known in the comics for luck. She somehow manages to curse people with bad luck, so maybe there's a chance she lucks out and survives, but he does shoot her a lot. I mean, she's special, but not eight bullets into the body special. 

This is a huge move for The Defenders; to kill off such a large character, especially a year before a movie about her is released by Sony Pictures. If you haven't read the comic, check it out. It shows the characters in such a great light. Even Iron Fist is good. Netflix, you could learn a thing or two from the comics.

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