The Definitive ARROW Drinking Game

**DISCLAIMER: Drinking has been linked to health problems and many unexpected pregnancies. For this reason, do not take this post as an invitation to drink and then blame us when you "fail your city."**

There are a couple of Arrow drinking games floating around the web, none of which will get your party going like this. With this guide and this drink list you can take your buzz from Felicity giggly to second season Laurel. Enjoy!

Take A Drink If...

  • Someone shoots an Arrow
  • Oliver is shirtless
  • Felicity makes some sort of innuendo
  • Diggle pulls Oliver aside for a one on one conversation
  • Someone/something from the DC universe but not currently on the show is mentioned
  • Someone who is dead unexpectedly returns
  • Detective Lance sees The Arrow and still doesn't put two and two together
  • Malcolm Merlin enters a room seemingly through teleportation
  • Someone swears they don't know anything
  • There's a flashback
  • Roy gives a confused look
  • Thea frowns
  • Laurel gets a smug look on her face
  • Laurel gets in way over her head
  • Laurel says something that comes from a place of ignorance
  • You see Laurel
  • You think the wrong Lance died
  • A woman expresses romantic interest in Oliver
  • ARGUS is mentioned
  • Amanda Waller does something evil

Take A Shot If...

  • Someone makes a smart remark at a wildly inappropriate time
  • Barry shows up
  • People are dancing in Verdant
  • Oliver sleeps with someone
  • Someone says "Can I talk to you for a moment?"
  • Someone mentions the "Bratva"


  • Slade Wilson returns
  • Someone speaks for more than thirty seconds without being interrupted
  • The villain is captured in broad daylight
  • There is no warehouse in the entire episode
  • Flashback Oliver cuts his hair
  • Someone mentions Moira Queen
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